NEW MOON WISHES -- Solar Eclipse in Taurus

SOLAR ECLIPSE WISH FOCUS: You can ONLY do your wishes within 48 hours AFTER the New Moon or Solar Eclipse! This means around 2:30pm Mountain Time SATURDAY to 2:30pm Mountain Time MONDAY


Aries: Rise STRONGER in valuing yourself and knowing you are walking a new plan that will lead to stability. Your feelings will guide the way and they are to be trusted. See that a new flow starts now, and money AND ideas are about to find you! Be patient, stubborn and go towards a new way of positioning yourself.


Taurus: Rise STRONGER in using your voice to keep it real or to start over in how you want to assert yourself. This IS a reboot, and you are to decide how things go. Step into situations that position you as the leader and doing things that offers support. Focus on the group aspect and showing yourself in an upgraded way.


Gemini: Rise STRONGER in seeing that you CAN rewire your brain to function in better ways. This time wants to pull you back so that you figure out a better way to move forward. From the retreat, you’ll discover the best way. Embrace slowing down and aligning to a new flow that brings value to your life.


Cancer: Rise STRONGER in seeing that you do have a place in the world. Connect with friends to help magnify your influence. This is when you are to think about coming together in order to do more. Expect answers to come that deal with your website or ways to get your things out there far and wide. Solutions come NOW.


Leo: Rise STRONGER in seeing your career expand into a new view that deals with you valuing what you do and making changes that honor what you feel inside. You will feel the need to do things in an upgraded way that deals with the challenges you have overcome or the wisdom that arrives when you have walked a particular journey. Focus on new grounding and sharing your creative gifts with the world.


Virgo: Rise STRONGER in going for new dreams as you move into areas where you feel like things are growing again. See yourself going up a level or rising into a new role in how others see you. Explore new ways to share your creative gifts and focus on expansion.


Libra: Rise STRONGER in facing the challenges with a new passion in getting to the root of problems. See that you are growing determined and resilient. Change patterns and let go of old habits that don’t serve you. See for health and discoveries that set you free.


Scorpio: Rise STRONGER in stepping up and showing yourself in a new role. Your relationships are evolving because of how you all are changing. Speak up and make your voice and heart a priority that is heard. Seek for harmony and work to BE the peace.


Sagittarius: Rise STRONGER with your discipline in making something better with your day to day life. Commit to the hard goals and face what needs you staying positive and IN IT to win it. Apprentice with and grow your soul’s purpose.


Capricorn: Rise STRONGER with your creative gifts. Put yourself out there. Believe in your creative expressions and do NOT hide yourself away. Focus on going towards love, romance, fun times and YOU about to step into your best life. You got to show what you know and let the rest fall into place.


Aquarius: Rise STRONGER in focusing on what holds you and create a foundation that supports your creative gifts blossoming. Value yourself MOST and keep pushing forward what you naturally love to do. The road is unique, and your feelings are showing you the way. Blindly trust what FEELS right for you.


Pisces: Rise STRONGER in moving forward with your creative gifts or writing projects that feel like they are YOUR thing. Share what you know and do what feels natural to you – but expect to make changes that are NOT what mainstream is doing. Focus on stepping into your soul’s purpose work and be loud and proud about it.

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