NEW MOON IN ARIES | 1 April | readings for all signs


With this energy we are facing a wound but also will be closing the door on it manifesting in our lives as we leave a cycle of 8 years where we made decisions that we now would not make again. We are coming back into a testing spot within our system that needs to be upgraded so that we can go to the next levels with the eclipse season.

It is essential that you all wake up to your magnificence so that you start working to rebuild what is fractured and in a way that will provide exponential support. It means we slow down in our lives to find out what really matters and then from there we give it our all and aren’t to back down from how we want to make our time on earth feel better.

Expect to get woken and to come alive in a certain area that has needed you to let go of something from your past that now needs you speaking with a stronger voice and positioning yourself as someone who is important. No more playing small because others play you into that position. Where there is heart and soul rising, new voices will present with ideas of what they most love to do. Expect people to pop alive like popcorn and to have new ways they want to be doing things. This is when we get a fresh new start if we want to take it.

Many of you will feel down and out and low because you can feel some end is near, but you don’t know where to go. Relax and enjoy the ride! Be like the baby who knows the parents will take care of things and just feel how you want to rise and do these other things that need you saying yes to them. See that solutions are coming and don’t buy into scarcity or thoughts that you don’t have a home here! Don’t plant those seeds today because they will grow. This energy demands you change and upgrade into a new plan that needs you being the peacock of your future dreams. Go for it. Listen to your heart and be proud of how far you have come. Let go of the fear keeping you small and dreaming of sad things. It’s time to welcome in a new day.


READ YOUR SUN MOON AND RISING SIGNS for the complete picture of what you will FEEL at this time.



This new moon is all about prepping you for what is to come in the next few months where you REALLY step into your truth and start operating in a different way. Now is when you are in trial and error as you put yourself into new situations that are moving you to rise above something and to give others another view of who you really are. You are for sure thinking that you need a big life change, and the energy is writing something that will be about you stepping into some new love, whether that be from romance, a new baby or with something that comes back again and is something you TOTALLY enjoy doing.

But for now, you can feel pretty sensitive in a different way where you are feeling a lot and tuning into things from your past that are getting you to see your system in a new way. This may mean you are meditating more or are writing and expressing feelings that you were taught to keep down low and hidden. What lurks beneath the surface is rising for you to really see again how you DO want to steer your ship and live life on your terms.

There is much to let go of that deals with you allowing something new to show and some other way to be the new rule of the road. This is when you are to start asserting from new senses that drive you in more authentic ways. It's about combusting into yourself so that you start feeling life from your gut and heart and really move about the world in a different way.

Something that comes as a surprise or with a synchronistic meeting is also to show you that you can manifest these sort of life situations and that you ARE important. Watch the signs and know that things are connecting in order to give you a webbing that holds you in a way that will have you asking for more and investing in yourself in regard to your creative gifts. Things are arriving to get YOU putting yourself more out there in ways where you can make a difference from your natural gifts where you can bring energy or attention to what needs to be rebuilt and done better.

Expect to come out of the lines and do things different than you would have done them in your past, but also be unique in seeking for a place in the world. Don’t make this a year you follow others and watch what has been done. Something inside of you needs to grow bolder and it deals with something you should feel shy or hesitant in revealing. When we have true gifts, we don’t race to put them forward and instead will naturally be reserved until the time is right. This time is ripe for you to look into your heart and really get creative again with seeing how you can return to something you let go of and with an older and wiser perspective on how to NOW make this a reality.

Expect to see for a new way but there to be many obstacles in getting you to where you want to be. This is all a test to see if you really want this and if you really are ready to assert into a new life plan. With each hurdle, you will grow stronger in knowing what you really want, which will help you be clear with your throat in talking about how you want to climb a new mountain and to do something that brings more joy to your life. Allow this to grow and give yourself permission to do things your way and to not feel held back by too many thoughts trying to figure out the way! SERIOUSLY. You are learning to go with the flow and to allow the pieces to come together when they fully grow from the garden soil you are preparing for them. The background work matters and the spaces you make are what will get things to manifest for you.

You are coming out of an intense cave and this is to get you wanting to change things about your looks or about how we see you. You may be cutting your bangs or shaving your head or doing some new move that lets us know we are dealing with a totally new Aries who has big new goals about making more of a difference this next year of life.


This new moon is going to bring change to your foundation and to what supports you FROM the time you are spending now in deep contemplation. The cave you go into where you are seeing many things from your past that you wish you would have done better, is a birth canal that is about to send you into another level of living your life. This feels big! So before the next chapter begins. Be with your feelings!! This time is all about you taking the stimulation of life with all its surprises and sudden collapsings and NOT walking and being a creator of more of that. Its time to put yourself into higher positions where you are working to be someone who is helping to bring the solutions or to spread something that needs to be known.

You also may feel in a clash with authorities above you who are making you question your own authority. This is here for you to start over and begin again with how you associate so that your throat is always clear when it comes to standing up and going outside the lines to do what is right. It will be hard to keep things stifled after this moon because its time to wake up your ability to influence and to really get you growing this new crop where you allow your feelings to decide what gets to stay. This means learning to not back down just because the other has a stronger voice trying to push you silent. And not back down just because old messages from your past told you there is a ceiling here that is to contain you. Its time to break on through to the other side and show that a new path is possible.

You also will be super emotional and crying over many things. You are to be bouncing around in time travel where you are taken to situations and even some that don’t make sense. This is all about getting you to reboot and really start over with this next time to do something right. Do what you can to not blame and shame yourself for the past, but rather, support how far you have come and how much stronger you are from the journey. Love how the emotions are getting you to choose for more and to come out of the shadows in how you would rather feel at the end of the day.

You may be making new moves in your career where you are stepping up and deciding to show something that teaches or helps move things along on a new path. You also will find that answers are coming now that are uplifting and that connect things that you already thought of in earlier days. Solutions are to be on the rise, and this is part of what is to get you really jazzed up to start over with how life looks to you.

But know – the real growth is from inside and from facing the ways you have not really shared what you know or expressed what your body has been trying to tell you. EXPECT to grow a stronger connection with your body and with meditation where you are tuning more into the signs and aren’t just plunging ahead because the old world programmed you to be that way. Its time to find a new flow that deals with you retreating into yourself before you make any moves for others. You really can do this for you -- and you really can discover a new way to live that helps you feel at home and as if you really DO have a place in the world. Follow the lead of your body and you will be moving into a new leadership position soon.


This new moon is to get you repositioning your mind and really seeing for a new view that deals with you putting yourself first and making your own needs a priority. Its when you are to be seeing that there MUST be a way for you to get through some situation and to figure out how to understand how this can help everyone grow.

You are thinking about people who are far and wide and how they have impacted you to be where you are now. There will be many miscommunications that have the opportunity to come together at this time because something in your own mind is opening to another side through something that comes as a shock or is out of the blue. You may be going on this certain path and are certain of it, but then something comes that shows you it’s time to go this other way and to break out of the lines to do what you need to do for you and the tribe. You are being given permission to break rules when it comes to ways you are feeling like you have to assert and do what you can to make a difference or grow some idea of yours.

It’s a great time to work on projects or your website or things where you want to spread what you have created -- and the effort you put in will allow energy to bring you synchronicity that puts you back into the answers or the people who will connect you into this other life you are wanting to grow into. People play a big part in that they are moving you or you are moving them, or all of you move from one first connection. But it is to show you that so much more is going on in the world and your piece is important and needs to out there reaching with what is most authentic and unique about you.

This time is to get you opening to new ways of communicating and expressing and being in the world where you get to share what brings solutions or upgrades to things. So be bold in knowing you have a home even if it hasn’t presented just yet. You need to be a leader in showing new ways of being – that you have intellectualized about – and really showing that you are here to walk your talk and be out there broadcasting and doing what you can with what you got.

There will be some division or splitting of things that is about aligning you to the best path where there will full sun and some new light shining on you that motivates you to get more done. This may be a fork in the road or choices where you have to weigh a lot of mental material and things that deal with beliefs and contracts and promises of something fixed and sure. As things break apart there is the need for you to keep seeing for solutions that benefit all and that are clearly communicated about so as to keep everything a cycle of life situation that now means we either go left or right as straight is no longer an option.

Whatever comes in to bring this new space needs you feeling your way through it in a way that doesn’t come naturally to you. So a leap of faith and some big shooting hope arrow going out to the stars is what you need to see as you feel your way through what is now presenting other options. Your mind is with things that are not near you, and it can get you wanting to bring them closer. See that your words are the missing link -- and where you need to speak from your heart and really share whatever you can that connects things with understanding and room to grow – instead of thinking you are too late, or things are too far gone and the journey too complicated. Hold more power in your mind to see for the unknowns and to get real comfortable with taking risks of the heart and not doing what everyone else expects you to do. It’s time to discover the real you.


This new moon is to really bring things to the surface and get you appraising the life that is yours. You can be feeling a whole bunch of emotions about what you see and how wrong things have been built. You also are at this crossroads so what you are seeing is inviting you to step up more and be vocal about how you want things to be. For this reason, expect to feel a bit consumed into diving deep into complex matter that deals with others or your upbringing or your commitments --and how you want to start a new day with a new way that is NOT what you are locked and chained into because of your past.

So be patient with this energy because it wants you inspired in wanting to get up and go – but it holds you in the awareness of obligations that are deep and mysterious and like cleaning out an attic where things were just stuffed and hidden away because you didn’t want to deal with them. Things aren’t easy right now because you are doing major soul work that is about deciding what stays and what goes. It’s important because what goes makes way for what stays to grow. And your mind is going to be on planting new gardens and really getting serious about what YOU can achieve and go for. This is about letting go of the mistakes, the lessons learned, the pain from getting things wrong. and making today when you really get up and see that a new day is rising. You are being guided to sprout yourself new and to possibly even move in ways you will feel inspired to. Your body will be speaking and its letting you know that new plans need to be written out and EVEN IF the journey is slow – which it is going to be in parts – you are ready to start this new way where there is more value to the life you are living. When you make this mental connection where you accept the battle, and do what you can to stay strong with the storms as you make way for YOUR WAY, you WILL gain super speed from each challenge accomplished.

So know, this time is about waking you up and getting you to see the ways you need to transform how you have been conditioned. You are to give yourself permission to break the rules and go against what others want to dominate you into doing. Its time for you to take the lead or to reach for some higher position on the mountain that deals with you being a boss and getting the hard jobs done as you stay on track with bigger image plans. Don’t be afraid of things needing to be rebuilt. See that things are just things and what really matters is you chasing soul growth and what new view it inspires you to want to grow into. Its about taking what provokes and using it to get you to speak up and use your voice in letting us know how YOU think the rules of the road should go. Learn to draw boundaries like a boss and get to creating a better space that holds all the veggies you want to grow. You don’t have to grow what you don’t want to eat just because you learned it IS what you need to grow. Start asking yourself, but WHAT DO I WANT? Put yourself in the lead and show us a better way to be. Your way needs to be what leaps from your throat as you declare the lines that will not be crossed.

There IS a new you rising and its coming from what squeezes you into showing up stronger. Allow the ripples to be seen with appreciation because the real you is magnificent, and your spring flowers will soon grow like nothing you have ever seen. The new lands you wish for will be. Watch the signs and make YOU the priority before you put the breathing mask on others. This time just asks that your throat express and bring thunder, or light rain, to whatever needs energy in getting it to move on, move up, or move out of the way. Lead the new direction and don’t hold back for anything. What would make YOU happy? Its time for you to be the baby who gets to decide and be treated like a special one who gets all they wish for.


This new moon says that other people are moving you to show yourself different and to now be seeking for higher roles or moves into new lands that feel like they bring a fresh start. Something is to reveal that finally comes to the light and it will have you considering making changes around a path that you thought you would be taking. Be fluid and go with the flow because there are opportunities coming to help position you in a new role that will have others seeing you differently. So the changes are for the good and they are not out to hurt you! BUT there is tons of provocation from others around you that will keep moving you to express and reveal what you know.

This really is about getting you to come out of your comfort zone and possibly out of your old belief systems and open to a new path that is to surprise you by how much it takes you by storm. This is to be exciting and when you turn some corner and you finally see this thing that you have been thinking about forever. You are getting close to a big shift that brings the full turn into view so don’t let others confuse you or too much information keep you holding back and thinking something can be done.

You are learning to love change and the new that it brings – so play with this energy and just be curious if any doors close when you thought you needed them to complete some life journey. Nothing is closing to hurt you right now. Its just pressing you so that you think again about asking for more because something that has imprinted you about another is where you don’t really believe in yourself in thinking you can grow your dreams. You will be shedding something from your past or your childhood in order to get you waking to wanting to take some leap of faith into uncharted lands. Also, don’t get down on thinking the worst when it comes to commitments and tying any knots. What you saw in your past is to inspire you and not hold you to any given prediction of your future. If you saw things working out, then yes, continue believing! But if you saw things DIDN’T go your way, do everything to see that this next time is the real deal and now things stick for good.

This is a great time to really make the space for how you want to expand your reach through something like a website or a project where you are doing something to make a difference. You should be thinking about how you want to do more or you want to share more of your authority. The ways are there if you open your arms and really step into the risk of going for a dream that is yet to attain. This energy is to wake you up to showing yourself as someone who always knows the solution will rise and with energy to do what you feel is right – even if it totally goes against what you learned in early life. Its time for you to invest in your future and do things that help expand your potential. You may be starting a new study or program that will help you go up the mountain or you will be learning something that deals with helping you grow. Look to the horizon and expect things to drop into your life that help you see for more ways out of the old world conditioning and into a new potential that will be beyond your wildest dreams.

Relationships are changing now, and they solidify or break apart because of how you are changing. Be clear in your throat and know that your happiness matters AS DOES the feelings you have around where things are moving. This is the time of big risks where your heart cant stay quiet on some area it wants to next move into. Allow your feelings to lead and be assertive in making the space for where you want to go. Roll that ball forward and keep rolling until you land in sweet hands.


This new moon is going to bring you into the heart of what you need to see that is keeping you blocked with your work or backed up with things that are affecting how you see your future. This energy wants you seeing for the positive and also with a new faith in the mystery where you KNOW a solution will rise and that everything will work out okay. Old parts of you are coming to the surface that deal with decisions you made in your past when you did for others or followed some designed way that now has you feeling that you want to clear this all up and start over with something that feels like you were destined to do this.

There are surprises with the positions in your work and you are to go towards what feels like you are able to market your expertise or to step higher in sharing more of what you know that deals with your creative gifts. You may feel bogged down by too much work or you will feel backed up by too much disorganization, that really does need you facing what has been neglected, and giving it a new home so that you can move about in better energy. The dysfunctions can really throw you off at this time so pay attention to what needs you paying attention to it. Consider this time to be when you really get into the nitty gritty of things but also that you end up proving how badass you are and how well you work under pressure.

This time is to be a bit heavy in bringing through emotions that somehow impacted your decisions that now you are seeing may need to change. This may be that you feel altered by death or some sort of separation. You also may be enamored by something yet received but that is getting you excited about the potential of something that you can feel will be deep and meaningful. However you are pulled into your depths, this is a sign of what is to come, but the path is changing because you are changing. So what is here is showing where you are going to be shedding skins and transforming into a new person.

For all of you, the placement is like being in line while in a long cave. Some of you are just heading into your depths in a new way, and others are graduating to the next level as this moon moves them out of the cave and into a new path forming. What I feel is that when you really connect into the great mystery, and fully surrender with compassion and positive thoughts as you navigate the debt of life and the ways we have accumulated things that no longer fit, the ride can feel harmonious even when the biggest storms hit. There is something about you needing to roll with life and to flow in a new way as your body feels things that draw it into wonderment on how to solve. There is to be more creativity and work being put in that deals with putting things into better position and working to make a difference. Discipline will be key as there is the need for more form around what you are longing to get out there far and wide and to grow for you.

So know that this is workout season and you grow stronger with each weight you lift. Don’t be negative in the brain in seeing that you have to lift so much to get to your goals! There is so much for you to do because the work you do is important, and it just needs you doing something in a different way where you assert more when you really feel passion for things – and where you let go more of what the old world got you to think you need to chase. Only chase what isn’t running away from you. Only chase what feels like it brings life to you. Don’t chase what actually makes you feel upset inside your body. Its time to break a spell where you are entwined with things that keep you thinking you need them. Addictions that hurt you are here for you to see that without them the life you dream for can be. So let go of fear and your idea on thinking you need to hide from anything. Face and embrace and create a new path from the transformation taking place. Shed the skins and reveal your new faith because you ARE seeing things different now and it will move you in powerful ways.


This new moon is get you feeling a bit insecure and not so sure of your place in the world as strong emotions are filling you with confusion -- because it IS too much to process. There can be a lot speaking up around not feeling confident with what sort of role you want to be. Just know, this time is squeezing something that has been restrictive in your heart where you have not allowed yourself to keep it real and to just do this thing. Its where you maybe were taught this other way and now the flood gates are stating to break. So be okay not really feeling like yourself or even if you feel in limbo and are just taking it day by day.

What is to come is to get you waking up with a quick thud that gets you inspired to step into this new role and to get back with the energy of feeling like you love doing this work for others. You are needing to come together and blend in new ways where you are being more assertive in what you are here to bring. So understand how the pain and confusion around your love nature or the feeling of abandonment or betrayal IS to get you coming through stronger in a role that expects more from others and has a more discerning sense in regard to who is and who is not your peoples. Something wounded in you attracted the people who wound you. So step up and see that you are rebuilding your system through trial and error and that what you learn is to impact the role of how we see you and think of you in a bigger way.

You also are being asked to go lightly with the criticism you feel for yourself or others, if you are tangled negatively with them, and allow the idea that a solution will come and that there is some way to bring joy back into what feels fractured. Use your energy to be like a child in dreaming that miracles will come and that one day you will be back in the light and others will know how important you are in being someone who brings the peace and also a balance to things.

You are being asked to change a big part of who you are where you do see so many sides that it leaves you unable to make a move and be direct with certain things. You are being asked to take leaps of faith where you come out of your comfort zone and BE DIRECT with others and things. Its time to learn to not go back and keep doubting yourself and looking at situations that make you question and question and wonder. It will be through the strong emotions and really feeling how things hurt your heart that you will learn a new language with yourself where you are to be more assertive in seeing for the light and moving on. Its time to see that it happened, there are lessons to learn, we cant go back, we can only go forward. Its time to adult yourself into showing us a new you where you are more carefree with what happens with less looking back and watching other things as you appraise them further. Looking back is going to keep you back. Its time to wake yourself up and start a new way of being where you love yourself more and value that you can make quick decisions and it work out wonderfully. Your feelings need to show, and they also need to be aligned towards peace. Follow and you will see. Things will warm up soon and you will have new dreams to shoot for BECAUSE of what squeezes you to feel and to show yourself different.


This new moon is to be an exciting time where you are finally snapping into gear and noticing that you are wanting to put things into better position. Its about focusing more on your career or how you want to see this thing become a canopy that supports you and embodies what you really do love to do. Things are to be coming that get you seeing into what was out of balance that needed you facing some aspect of your foundation that got you thinking rigidly that things needed to be a certain way.

This is when a clear prognosis comes to help you rebuild what you need to see support you so that you feel there is something strong and sure that you can count on. There is much change on the way so you do need to stay fluid in knowing parts of the puzzle are coming, but then more will come, and more will continue on for a few more months. This is about you not knowing what is to come and not knowing how it will rock you or cause you to feel unstable, and still walking with a positive tone in your mind and with how you are choosing to spend your time wondering about things.

The energy wants you starting over and not repeating what you saw in your past that got you thinking things need to be a certain way. There are fractures forming because there is old world stability holding you, like toxins in the floorboards, and health is important for you right now, so you need to know that new world stability is holding you. There may be memories coming that deal with your father or mother with brittle views that were not really warm or were something that now is affecting your thoughts or health about something. You will be learning to go with the flow and not try to interpret too much because, again – the pieces are forming for some time and right now you just get parts that are to trigger new emotions and curiosities around things hidden or with your childhood that now don’t add up and NEED YOU stepping into a higher way of processing and digesting them.

You also may be discovering all sorts of perfect pieces that help you see how to live your life with more purpose and to really create a space you want to make beautiful. You are going to be thinking of how to elevate your presence or to make your ideas grow. You are to be thinking like the proud lion who know there is a place for you and that your work is important. Just keep remembering that this time is helping you to transition out of a gossip talker or a negative talker and into someone who is doing important work and who is a star that we are here to admire. Think about not spending your vibration talking about lower things (that lower your vibration) and start over in being a glass half full person who sees that the most wounded just need us all seeing them as healed. What we see, we wish them to be. Let’s see better and be assertive in quickly recognizing what is shaming and what is empowering. Think like the lion and allow that to help you step into a new role where we all will be seeing you different.

You need to understand that your mind is being detoxed right now and being put back into noble doctor who only wants to alleviate pain. What you see about the ways you have allowed your mind to be or to speak judgmentally about others is what shifts you into a new role in the next few weeks – where you will be speaking up and using your voice in ways that are like music or something creative that is what you really love to do. Joy is on the rise from all things negative that you give up at this time. Apply discipline and stick with doing what brings life to your body and mind. Don’t be so acidic when alkaline feels so divine. When it’s time to change, you got to re-arrange. The time is now, my love.


This new moon is to be bringing you big change where things are getting you to feel big emotions. Something about this time is where you are learning to really make yourself a priority and to really pay attention to what your heart is telling you. There are risks for you to take that deal with you doing what you need to do and making yourself the one who is seen. Its about moving yourself into the light and spreading your things farther than you have before. This sort of energy is about waking you up again to what you would have dreamed for when you were a child and thinking that anything is possible. You are to be seeing that there is way more for you to go for and also that you have so many creative ideas or projects or word sharing experiences that you know could make a difference and help others or be the answer that helps bring the solutions to things.

Your energy is active at this time and the changes will help you go with the flow as you see the results of your actions and moves that are about putting your things forward and out there for others to see. What is in your heart needs to feel free! You also will be all about trying to find freedom or get to the feeling that you have room to grow. I’m seeing something with business and when you are on the high of the wave and its SO FUN to be in that creative space where there is so much to do and you love it. When we get burnt out, there is so much to do and we dread it.

So this energy is about a rise and overflowing with this excitement for what you get to do. When you find the up wave, keep creating, keep writing, keep studying and allow yourself the space to get this growing. Believe that you have something important to share because you do. It just needs you believing in yourself enough to take a leap off this cliff and risk it all because of what you feel.

You also are in this special space where you are facing the wounds of your childhood and how they did not encourage you to believe in creative things about yourself. What holds you back comes from things where you were left empty, and they may spring up again at this time. Just know. You are to take these younger day things and give them a new story about how you are moving to a higher level now. You are to not take them and make them something that makes you feel like a loser. You are to take them and show them a new chapter and narrative to enjoy. YES, there were things that got you not feeling all that special or able to be someone standing in the light, but now you are grown and ready and aged and prime and if you want to do it, you will do it and you will LOVE IT. It may have you feeling insecure to make yourself the star, but we need you in that position. Expect to feel like what you do takes you out of your comfort zone. It is supposed to.

This is also when you are to be reaching mind expanding spaces from doing more meditation or retreat things where you just allow silence and aren’t filling your space with too much noise. From quiet, you will be taken to far off places and times from your past which will allow you to somehow rise above and see another view that changes the way you now will be talking. So take advantage of this time and be quiet so that the connections can set you free. If you don’t, they won't just automatically happen. So this is a bit special. There is to be a lot of correction with how your mind works and how it limits or allows you to dream for better. Restraints were put in you and many of them can be found during this new moon period of about the next 4 days. When your mind shifts, the unlimited potential is what your heart will be dreaming for. And THAT person is what the world deserves to get more of.


This new moon is going to be a huge reboot that you feel 100%. All of you get to now shift into this start over space where you start creating from your feelings and with wanting to be around things that feel valuable and simply essential. This is when you not only wake up to new body senses, but you wake up to remembering that you are valuable and that the creative ways that you are need more voice where you come out of the lines and not keep following the fears of what could be.

Its when you are to wake up to seeing that you can talk and walk as if there is unlimited potential where no path is ever the wrong path. You can totally transform and start walking as a completely different person RIGHT NOW. You are to be making drastic changes that come from you looking around and realizing that your mind is focused on the wrong things and there is a better way to look at the hidden where we don’t hide from it or gloss over it, but where you find joy from facing hardships because they give you new skills and abilities that otherwise you wouldn’t have.

You get the schooling from what is sucked out of you and getting you to live in scarcity AS IF you cant manifest a better foundation to support you. ACTUALLY – you are in so much power right now and you can steer it to the old world fears – or you can steer it to a new way of being in the world where you are slowing down with what matters and really putting attention into waiting for upgrades or the perfect things to finally come to you. It is to be when you face the dark in a new way as you sit like the pampered children who got it all and who can expect it all. You are to shift in seeing that you can believe that money can be made from your creative gifts, and you are to be doing something that is not like what you would do in your past.

This is about showing a stronger voice and presence around how you feel called to make an impact in this lifetime. And to really get serious about writing some new story with new plans on how to rebuild and get this other system into better working order. So there is work to you and you will be challenged. But please. See the challenge as the catalyst or the tilt of life that gets you to stand stronger and to really dig into your depths in order to discover what sort of new crop you want to plant and bring to life.

You DO get another chance. You DO get a fresh new energy to greet you and give you what you need. But you got to heal your emotional body and your feelings around safety and security in order to ASK for more. Your value system rises FROM the work you do in listening to your intuition and body voices and allowing that to now be the leader of your pack. Your home is changing, and it now needs to be about supporting the special one that you are and helping you to tune into COMFORT so that you learn to go for more of what feels good. You don’t have to stay used to struggle. You can grow a new crop now where your mind only sees clear paths on the way to what you want to see support you.

Be okay as things rebuild in ways that feel fixed but then broken and then fixed. You are in some space where things are fluid, but they are fixed. Like water in movement that becomes a frozen waterfall. So accept that a new flow rules your life for a while now and its about being moved in unusual and serious ways that are to help you make better decisions about what you want and how you want things to be. Don’t take this time lightly! It really is a second chance to write a new story that is more about a dream where you start landing into all the things that help you feel like you have a home with your creative ways and can actually have a life that you love to live. A new foundation is ready to hold you if you are ready to be held. Invite the best your way.


This new moon is going to position you in new ways that are going to take you by storm. This is about getting real with your mental state where you start over and take more control over the thoughts you think and how you allow them to put you into a role that needs to desperately upgrade. You have become this person because of how others mis-interpreted you, and it's gotten you to buy into limitation as the name of the game. But things change now. You will start to get an itch in needing to see yourself be seen by others in a new way. You may make changes to your looks, or you may start thinking about bringing expressions forward that are creative gifts or offerings that share your leadership on something. You are going to have ideas on how you need to begin again and give yourself another chance. EXPECT a lot of provocation or sharp turns to be what is inspiring you to step up and step louder with your views of things.

This is also when you will be reaching out to others and wanting to include them in your life. This may mean new romance or a deeper level of commitment. You also may have friends return or new ones will come along and bring the feeling that they complete you in some way. The people showing up now play a part in getting you surrounded by those who can really help you open your throat and share more of what you know with the world. DO EXPECT tons of change that keeps moving along from certain poignant situations. This also says that the magic can't happen if you are hidden away at home, so you do need to be more assertive in putting yourself out there and letting people see and connect into you. Things are to happen closely around you and where synchronicity places you in alignment with those who are here to assist you.

This time is also asking that you think more of others and aren’t so much in your own mind as you try to interpret the present and future through the memories of your past. Loads are to lighten when you face the shadowy ways that got you to think that you have to fight for something in life and that it won't just organically arrive if you hold this certain vibe. You are dancing with others where you need to not be on the defense so quickly or where you think you will be misunderstood. It’s time to make the cosmic flip and start seeing that others see you as bringing more joy and love to their lives – and not that you are a square peg. See that you fit perfectly and that you embody the peace – even if they still look at you as if something is wrong with you.

You need to be more of a leader now in not getting down because you don’t feel appreciated or valued as some top dog authority just yet. Your mind will keep you looping back into your old world, where it will keep planting those seeds, UNTIL you use this sort of energy to really write the new story and walk it until you see it – instead of needing to see it before you walk it. Do not take this time lightly because you are laying down a new foundation that is going to grow you a new path and a new way for us to think of you. Forces are coming together to open this space for you to walk through and it really will take some risk of the heart where you believe in yourself before things have manifested -- and see that you ARE important and have every right to express your feelings and thoughts and the ideas you have on how to help people release the old world programing and step into something more valuable and earth loving. You are to teach the ways of transformation and YOU are about to go through a big birth canal that is to bring you to totally new lands. But we aren’t there yet and right now the new lands are forming in your mind as you see yourself in a higher role and making more of a difference on the world. So go big and go brand new with it. You ARE to be more of a peacock in giving us something that IS what you most love to do and talk about.


This is going to be one of the most transformational times of this year where you make changes that deal with more leisure or doing things that support your soul growth. It is about meditating more and hustling less. From within these silent spaces, you are to come up with AMAZING ideas on how to do your creative gifts so that they support and sustain you and become this new crop for you to enjoy. The silence, and possibly uncomfortable spaces, are where you are birthing a start over and a do over in regard to decisions made in the past 8 years that now you feel are hurting you. Now is when you get to wake up to a better plan where there is more self-love FROM YOU so that you choose for better things and don’t just take what is there. This is when you are to be growing discriminating gifts to see that you deserve the best and that waiting is your best mode of receiving what you want.

This is also saying that you are to be seeing yourself in a new role where others see you as this different person. Now is when you first start to plant the seeds that you are not who you used to be. This is when you are to see that you ARE important and that your impact can bring healing to the lives of others. So its time to come out of the cave where you think you don’t have a home and don’t really fit into this world, and start sharing and making plans to give more of what you got. You may be moving into teaching spaces or will be taking some risk of the heart to go for some creative gift that you always wanted to do. In some way, a new bundle of joy is coming into your life and its on YOU to go for this and to see that its time to believe that you can share your truth and be well received for your natural gifts.

Old scarcity situations may come to the picture, and you are to write a new story about how things are going to be. You actually are in a wildly abundant space to use the correct words that will manifest you a new plot of land to hold you. So don’t go back to how you used to talk and think that the road to success would be hard. Be strong in your throat with declaring that things change now and a new grounded support is what you are manifesting. Do your all to think glass half full even if you feel like it is actually almost empty. See for the better in everything! Those words you use are spells creating your future.

Many of you also are noticing a new day with this new moon where you feel you are finally getting a grip on your finances and are seeing that there is a way to get through the challenges of recent times. The ones who see the abundance are the ones who have been working for a while on getting ready to launch their truth and to not stay hidden in the shadows because they didn’t know what to do. If you have been asserting and believing that your life can be better, it will show massive growth around this moon that YES you are onto something and its now time to go create and share what you most love to do. Satisfaction is here when you risk it all and decide to only plant a new creative life.

You also will notice a new level of discipline entering your life where you finally feel like you are able to put things into order and see things come together. Keep your house clean because it is energy and you staying busy in doing what needs to be done is what is growing you this new magic that is on the way. Don’t allow dysfunction or chaos to surround you, and instead work towards bringing things into balance. It’s also a great time to start a new eating or workout plan and to see that this really becomes you new way. These energies will ground what you are doing now so all new moves your make need to be positive, for your health and well being and that they groom you for a better future. Time to get back to the pilates or the yoga and start doing what you know you love to do. IT WILL PAY OFF. What you grow now, STAYS with you.



Brilliant and on point! I am ready and actually started my new journey yesterday. 💜🌈😊

Carolyn McDougald April 01, 2022

It’s always so crazy for me when you bring up this 8 year cycle ✨ Im so close to being able to make the right choice for myself FINALLY after 8yrs . I can feel how happy I will be soon

Sydney April 01, 2022

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