Pluto Retrograde: 29 April to 8 October

Pluto goes retrograde for about 5 months of the year, so honestly it is a part of our normal life of this exhaling and inhaling in regard to the transformation process. I feel like retrogrades ground us in space and when we have no retrogrades things are a bit haywire. I know many people talk about them in a negative light but I have always loved how they pull us into something so that we really pay attention and do the work. If you feel that this year has been a bit haywire it is because we have had no retrogrades so far -- and Pluto is our first planet to invite us to go deeper. 

With Pluto we have regeneration and the desire to rebuild our lives through rebuilding what we see is now not working. Pluto also is the slowest moving planet so when it goes retrograde it only goes backwards 3 degrees. This is why the Pluto themes can last for a long time!

Let’s find out where you are transforming into the phoenix rising and rebuilding what needs a more loving touch. Here is where the big work needs you going deep and facing what before you kept hidden.


ARIES: These months will be all about rebuilding your career or the ways you go about sharing your heart and soul with the world. Changes are coming that will be motivated by your own soul growth and with wanting to create a life of value. Expect your creative gifts and souls purpose work to transform as you do the work and stay focused on your truth to be what you next want to manifest in your life. Its time for you to decide and to believe that your dreams can transform before your eyes. There is a new way to rebuild and now things will start rising for you to create them different.  

TAURUS: These months will be all about getting you to transform your ideas around things that are keeping you smaller and going for less than in life. There are ways you have followed a path because you felt obligated to, and now you will be opening to doing things because of your feelings. Expect to feel called or to feel that the mystery is supporting you and guiding you to make big life changes. Its time to get more of YOU out in the world and now we discover what stands in your way. You will be taking a leap of faith at this time where you will have to trust and let go, but it does deal with scaling up and making more from the gifts that you got. 

GEMINI: These months will be all about getting you to really face your fears and the ways you are holding back in life because your mind is so focused on what can go wrong or that you aren’t really qualified and valid. There are ways you crush the life out of your growth potential, and they deal with what you saw in your past and how you handled managing the fears of others. Its time to make way for comfort within the challenges where you are empowered by what you accomplish and get through. You are never too far gone. You are being asked to create new patterns around addictions or ways you try to escape the truth. 

CANCER: These months will be all about changing the role you want us to see you having. It is when you will want to make drastic changes that have us looking at you in different ways where you are going about life with new goals. It is when you are thinking about the people around you and how much they help you to grow in better ways. Things out in the world will be provoking and moving you to change, and this will play a part in what is called out of you that will have you showing something new. Transformation will occur with your relationships and there may be some shifting that needs to happen in order for you to keep growing. 

LEO: These months will be all about paying attention to your body and to work toward creating healthy balances around your climb up the mountain. You will be making changes with your schedule and with how you share your souls purpose work. You may be going through a new study or some new system that will provide you greater opportunities in the future. This is when you are to feel what is in need of healing and to face whatever needs to be rebuilt and put into better position. Changes come to get you showing up stronger and staying glass half full with all. Now you can design a new routine that supports your career growth. 

VIRGO: These months will be all about working on healing your heart and with getting you to show up with more strength in valuing your creative ways. This is when you are to wake up and see how you run from the light because you don’t think you deserve to be there. Its when you are to make your things important and to work on finding your way through the challenges so that you rise stronger. Your heart will be feeling deeply – but it will get you creating new art. Allow your love nature to transform and to expect for better. Chase what brings you joy. You deserve all the love and light. 

LIBRA: These months will be all about getting you to look back into your childhood and to what you learned about early life that now is not seeming to support and hold you. You are going to feel extra emotional around what no longer fits and what needs to be upgraded and worked into better position. Trust that anything on the way out needs to be released as this needs to be rebuilt. You are being asked to go with the flow but to see that you are transforming from what you face and that everything is here for a reason in shifting your path so that you do what feels good to YOU and not just what feels good for others. Its time to start over. 

SCORPIO: These months will be all about getting you to think about your words and creative offerings and how you are wanting to make changes that express how YOU have changed. There can be a lot of movement around you as others are transforming and deciding for different things that will also affect you. Go with the flow and see that you are ready to make more of a difference with your words and with what is in your immediate environment. You also will be changing how you talk to others and will be seeking for more peace and harmony. This means you will be bridging things when before you would have burned them down. 

SAGITTARIUS: These months will be all about upgrading your value system and getting you to work with money in different ways. It will be when you tune into wanting to love what you do and not wanting to keep growing a life that feels like its all grind and no fun. You will make new plans on how to grow a better life and from using your creative gifts to be what supports and sustains you. This time is when you get into the roots of ways you are still following along and not yet using your voice to sing your true song. Expect to grow a stronger voice in choosing for better things that offer abundance over scarcity. 

CAPRICORN: These months will be all about getting you into a new view on life so that you seem to be different in our eyes. Something is to shift within your thoughts or ways that you believed you could grow with your dreams. Now is when you will make drastic changes and start taking leaps of faith and risks of the heart because you feel called to move in different ways. Your goals may change as will your reach in how far you want to take things. Change the ways we see you and we will see you that way. Shoot for something greater and commit to this new look that IS going to make an impact on how far you can go. 

AQUARIUS: These months will be all about getting you super emotional so that you can start driving your life in different ways where you aren’t shutting off your heart because your fears and your mind have such a control on how you think you should be. Where you are too programmed to follow along and think your mind can solve it all, you will see things fall away to show you another view that deals with helping you trust the process and believe in miracles. With your heart leading the way, you will chase what brings meaning to your life. With your mind leading, you will chase what you were programmed to believe in. Let go and trust the mystery. You need to unravel at this time. 

PISCES: These months will be all about getting you to work on what you want to be your place in the world. This is when you are to awaken through synchronicity perfectly placing things that are here to help you show more of who you are and what you love to do. Expect to come back to old friendships or collaborations and to see new ways of doing what before seemed blocked. This is to be a good transit where you transform and rebuild avenues to make a difference and discover new ways to sustain yourself through the internet or things that offer solutions. Reach out to others and join together in order to do more. It’s time to connect again.

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