New Moon Thursday 14 September

1  2  3 | 12 to 23 Virgo

NEW MOON at 22 Virgo 7:40pm Mountain

Well hello N E W  M O O N! 

We LOVE when the moon goes new in Virgo because NOW we start to shift into a new way of running our lives. NOW is when we see that we need more discipline to manifest our dreams and more dedication to keep at what we know will get us to a better place. We all are on a mission at this time, and we want to get our conditions into better positions. This means we are thinking about the care we give to our bodies through food and exercise. We also are thinking about where we work and how we need things to be so that we DO feel like we are making a difference and are doing the work we are destined to be doing.

DO KNOW, this energy is reminding you that no one gets up the mountain in a straight line except for those manipulating the journey. And NONE of you want to take that microwave route because it's an experience that gets you to the top without the wisdom of what the actual footwalking journey was to teach you. This energy wants you all to slow down and find someone or something to apprentice with as you take your time TRULY learning the way of the land. 

This time feels like we all are working on plans and drawing up ideas on how we want to SLOWLY grow and do our lives with integrity. Notice that you are NOT so quick to wanting all the answers or to skip over the essential steps, as your body REALLY wants to get this right and to not miss a thing that otherwise WOULD be missed if you were wired to only wanting the satisfaction of what you THINK something will bring. People chase the straight line because they think that all they really want is to be a leader on top and guiding others. But without the stories of the journey, you can only guide using other people's stories. And in the long run, our bodies don’t want us doing anything that we don’t actually know to the core. 

For years, I have given the example of, what if our homes were wired up with cocaine in the faucet besides cold and hot water. So, at any moment, you could go and get yourself some fake courage and energy to get jobs done. The internet brought this same element into our lives where now you CAN look and CAN get and CAN manipulate and CAN fabricate. But – just because we can, does that mean we should? Just because you can have sex with anyone because most people don’t care anymore about who they have sex with, does that mean we should? Just because the masses do, should we just follow all willy-nilly? Just because all the men producers of films created stories influencing the youth to think THIS is what we do and THIS is how it goes, SHOULD WE REALLY FOLLOW?

This energy wants to wake you up to how you are doing because others are doing, but in your body, you KNOW this is wrong. We are waking up to having to be stronger in our management of what we allow ourselves to partake in. I’ve had a bottle of tequila in the house since 2020 and it's still not even half empty after several friends came to visit.  Since my late 20s, I only drink 0 to 3 times a year, with 2021 being my latest last drink. But so many people would not be able to have something like this in house without being tempted to drink it. I am that way with sweets and chips! If they are in the house, I will eat them all. So I don’t have them in the house because I know I can’t stop myself.

Recognize that some things tempt you in a negative way and BE THE BOSS of your life in not allowing them to ruin you. You KNOW where you go weak in not being able to hold back, so do your all to HOLD BACK and create a space that makes it easier for you to NOT get yourself into trouble. You know what your kryptonite is, so value yourself and stop doing what you know is hurting you. The energy wants you to place more value on the precious gift that YOU ARE, and TODAY begins the implementation of a routine that will rebuild you. You know what to do. Make today the first day of your new way.


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