Friday 15 September

15 Friday | 2  4  22  | 24 Virgo to 5 Libra

Mercury goes DIRECT at 8 degrees Virgo

Well hello F R I D A Y!  

As you all know, I have ALWAYS been a lover of Mercury Retrograde! It ALWAYS brings me what I need when it goes retrograde, and then when it goes direct, it brings TONS of answers and solutions. I look forward to EVERY Merc Retro and have NEVER been tripped up by this process that occurs 4 times a year. 

But what I do know for fact is that Mercury Retro is your friend -- and how you treat your friend is how your friend will treat you! So all the haters, get hated on, for good reason! Every Merc Retro moaner and groaner gets destroyed BECAUSE they are holding the vibration of hatred -- and if you hate your friend, your friend will hate on you. This is why I always am teaching you to LOVE Merc Retro, because 100% if you do, you will be loved on, as I always am during this time. 

So, we now reach the point of SOLUTIONS coming our way! You will see your way out of challenges, and surprises will come in to say, YOU ARE THE WINNER, and now the path is clear. So be stoked today and be happy for what is going to reveal to you. This is the magic time where over the next few days things change dramatically as pieces FINALLY come to show you that a new story IS taking place. You can trust this, and you do not need to look around waiting for some shoe to drop. Let go of your suspicious ways when good things appear on your path. You deserve what you are seeing, and it is the culmination of HOW you treated Mercury Retro. All the love you believed is what you now will see.

If you are seeing painful things, it's just because you held too much hatred for what needed you to hold patience and trust. See this as TRIAL AND ERROR. We only get these Mercury Retrogrades once a season, so we can readjust and TRULY be in our best positions. Our egos get ahead of us, and we plow forward into areas that we may not be able to hold or maintain. So Merc Retro slows us down so that we get to the top as authorities – and what we hear, or what falls away, is what we need to face as what WAS standing in the way of true success and happiness. So surrender to what comes over the next few days and know THIS is yours to believe in. 

You may have someone coming at you who makes you feel unhinged, and your job is to send them love and move on your way. You are NOT here to fix everyone. But many people are seeing that they HATED on Merc Retro, and now that the planet is going direct and bringing the essence of HOW we treated our friend, they are in a pile of tears. Expect to see people VERY emotional but just know, they got the return package from Merc Retro, and it matches how they handled the last 3 weeks. So give them space to come to their own understandings, but now you know that you MUST treat this period with grace because it WILL BRING YOU BACK the vibration of HOW you treated the Merc Retro Session.

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