Thursday 28 September

Well hello T H U R S D A Y! 

Okay then! You all need to just let go and trust this! Many of you are feeling bound tightly and you are ready to blow because you are DONE with the chaos and madness. Just remember, what you are inside is creating what you will see in your life. So, it is okay to appraise what is going on, but it is NEVER OKAY to war with yourself or others because you are SO MAD that things are not how you want them to be. That MAD is going to create situations that will make you even madder.

You will NOT manifest love and peace by showing up as infuriated at how wrong things are. We must be the solutions to what we want to see. Think about that. Think about being what you want to see -- and not hating something because it is not what you want to see. 

One of the miracles of The Pink Protection in BEA healings is that we put pink all around the client -- and then OTHERS change because of it! So if someone fights with you, because of YOUR pink, they will return to you seeing the error of their ways, which maybe had never happened before. I hear it ALL THE TIME from clients. I love how it really does show that what we hold is always influencing those around us. If we are mad, we make space for others to feel mad. If we are love, we make space for THEM to feel love. Really let these words hit your body because you are ready to awaken and see the error of YOUR ways just through me talking about the Pink Protection energy! 

Now, you also may be around others who are REALLY drowning and trying to take anyone around them down with them. They do NOT intend to do this, but we now enter a flailing period where YOU need to be careful to not buy into the illusion they scream. You may see so many struggling, but you need to see that they will get out of it and that their lateral journey up the mountain is teaching them something that you are not here to understand. 

In the same ways you were in the gutter and others walked by you without pulling you out, they were supporting your sovereign journey up the mountain. We have to see what is in pain -- and pray for blessings and understandings to be on the way. You are not here to do all the jobs and heal all the people, so understand that being a guiding light is as powerful as anything you could actually DO for others. SHOW THEM in vibration that we are okay, and it will plant hope in others. Just don’t bring pity energy to others because they don’t need it! We struggle and it sucks, but what we need are others KNOWING we will get through this. So be the light if you see others in the dark, but DO NOT add to the dark. It never works to go lower when we actually want to go higher.

YOU ALL are going to be experiencing a revolutionary shift in the next few days in REALLY GETTING that what you vibrate is what you will see. So TRUST your unique and powerful journey. You are not a mistake, and you CAN’T make a mistake in the ways of mountain climbing. You may fall and stumble, but you need to in order to grow stronger in getting yourself out of peril and into safety. That journey in between is where all the magic alchemizes -- and then it changes you.

It is time to bring more ease into your life.

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