Wednesday 27 September

Well hello W E D N E S D A Y!

We are building up to the Full Moon in Aries and many of you are feeling those mysterious vibes that have you thinking something is coming but you won't be so sure it will be a good thing. Do what you can to surrender and trust the journey because you are in some molting period where you will be losing old skin and stepping into something that will hold you better. And it DOES bring some limbo feeling to the air that just needs you anticipating that GREAT things are on the way. It’s time for you to hold a new perspective that KNOWS all the best things will be yours … eventually and in perfect timing.

I do these readings weeks in advance but around this time in reality I will be finding out if I will be moving into the adobe farmhouse I have been telling you about. I found it during Merc Retro and I went to look at it when Mercury went direct (even though I haven’t looked at it at the time of writing this reading) -- but when I found the listing, I sent an email, the owner called right away to schedule a time, but I didn’t see the message until 8pm, so I sent an email saying I would call in the morning and was excited to see it. THEN I went to go lay in bed and look at the Craigslist pics and as I was looking, the ad was taken down. 

Now, EVERY PERSON, except one (Maria at Sol Market in Arroyo Seco) when I told them this, they said, awwww with sad faces, as if it was bad news, and I was like, NO! It's GOOD news! She was waiting to hear from me and took it down because I responded. I did not think even 1% that it was bad news. Granted this is what opening the Golden C does to us, but it does make us assume that we will get what we need. The next morning, I called, and we had a great talk and she even said she would be showing it to me before anyone else. Like, I didn’t ask for that, but I loved that she offered that information.

So do what you can to see that illusion may be afoot, but you don’t need to see yourself as a victim and fabricate challenges to your journey. You are never a victim even though you may be victimized at times in your life. You are a gift to the world! You are here for special reasons walking certain life situations that WILL get you to some place in the future where things WILL make sense.

So until then, HOLD THE LOVE. Just sit here and watch what you see without judging it to pieces on how you think it needs to be AS PER looking out at what others have. You may not get all that you want, but you need to hold a vibration that you EXPECT to get what you want. Your higher plan may be that you need to rise to the mountain later in life where you will be one of the most powerful authorities, and therefore, you will feel lateral for much of your life, just going round and round the mountain. If this is how the Great Mystery wants you positioned, then you need to trust what you see and walk the journey that is teaching you what you will then exhale in some way for those behind you. So go with the flow and witness what you see but DO guide all eventual outcomes to wonderous spaces where you are SEEN and respected and life feels harmonious. You deserve what you wish for, but now we need you wishing and holding love as you wait for all things to manifest. You WON’T see what you want if you wish for love, and then hold hatred until you get it. You have to hold love as you wait for the best things to manifest for you.


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