Moon in Aquarius

I am Aquarius. I am highly aware of what is out of order in life and am driven to find a way to create solutions. I love to communicate and share ideas with others on how to upgrade or bring answers to what needs to be improved. I am interested in making a difference and working with things that offer a new view out of the old ways we have been programmed to be. I am stubborn when I don't approve and am not afraid to go against the grain. I like to feel unique and different even though I often question if I have a place in this world. 



  • People tend to waver from feeling DOOMSDAY fears to feeling very inspired that they CAN make a difference. This is when humanitarian efforts are initiated and people are more focused on creating change and doing something to assist others on this planet.
  • People will be more focused on others and with spending time with close friends and the members of their group.
  • Situations tend to come that rock people to the core and have them feeling very ungrounded and suddenly unsafe.
  • People tend to see their differences with others and will want to stand apart or at least learn from their lessons and not repeat what the pack is doing. People tend to focus on those who are not awake. Just understand that all of us were asleep at some point too!
  • People tend to have breakthroughs or insightful awakenings.



  • Make strong commitments about wanting to be a better person and to create the life of your dreams! This is manifestation energy, so always use this Moon to dream of how you want things to change.
  • Work on all group efforts. Focus on others at this time! Do humanitarian work. Join in collaborations with others of like minds and similar focus. Together you will be able to do so much more!
  • Work on upgrading or making improvements to your website, career ideas or plans for the future. Shoot for bigger heights!


    Aquarius is the waves of water, representing waves of information they are sharing with the world. This symbol is very much about shifting the rigidness of life into something flowing, moving and evolving. The lines are not solid or stuck, as they are always considering the NEW way of looking at old things. Think of stepping back to see how things have always been done and then adding a high note to that so it takes ALL into consideration. Then there is forward moving motion here as there is a need to evolve and always to be making things better until everything is truly honoring, sustainable and full of love for this planet and for all living things here. This water represents the journey, as there always seems to be another thing on our path that needs to be evaluated for its vibrational expression.



    Draw or meditate with this symbol when you want to UPGRADE or MAKE SOMETHING BETTER. This one can quickly take you to a higher level of vibration. Merely drawing the waves can align you back to calm and with trusting all that is. Also, rock your body as you draw this symbol and very quickly you will feel comforted and your breathing will grow deeper. This one truly brings US BACK HOME, to our center and to our power, as the rocking drops off what is not important.



    I am doing my part to help humanity grow and evolve.
    I trust this frightening situation and I know it will be for the best.
    It is okay to stand apart and be unique. I am the Wolf.
    I express the highest vibration of love.
    I commit to doing volunteer work and showing others that I care.

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