Moon in Capricorn

I am Capricorn. I am serious about life and dedicated towards climbing the mountain of my dreams. I can sometimes get depressed because I see the reality and how challenging it will be to shift things into a better view. I can get down on myself when I don't feel like I am doing enough in life or making an impact with what I am here to bring. I am career focused and will sacrifice time with others in order to build what supports me. I love my peoples and being with others, but career comes first in this lifetime, so until I am satisfied with my reach, I may be focused on work over everything else. 



  • People can be very focused on work and getting ahead. This is the time when we strive for bigger things and really decide to commit to whatever it takes. We are up for the long journey!
  • People can be very sensitive in the work arena with feeling criticized, not good enough or judged in some way.
  • People can tend to feel very sober, depressed and cautious with moving forward. Sometimes this energy brings insecurities from the childhood time, as the high has worn off from all this inspiration of yesterday and now people hear voices within that doubt and say, YOU CAN’T DO THAT!
  • Now is when people get serious about applying the required steps to manifesting the dreams they felt were possible with the last Moon.



  • Sign paperwork. Commit to long-range goals. Be open to beginnings AND endings with career decisions.
  • Ground in a new course of action that was awakened in you with the last Moon.
  • Focus on work but also strive to achieve balance at this time! Focus on how you can have more balance with home and work.
  • Pause with this Moon to see how far you have come and to congratulate yourself on all the good things you have accomplished.



This is my favorite symbol to draw! It is the one that looks the most confusing, but it is really simple if you start with the V and then turn it into an elaborate S. Capricorn is the mountain goat and with this symbol you are thinking of the journey in life that is very much up and down, erratic, and where you just have to keep trusting and moving forward even though so many things do not make sense. With the movement of this symbol when you reach that complete point of the circle, where the symbol moves into an S, you are then able to go down to back where you began and SEE it all as perfect and just what you needed to experience to hold this more enlightened state in your adulthood. Once the complete point occurs, the movement is more smooth and flowing instead of rigid with dramatically changing directions.



Draw or meditate with this symbol when you are in a really tricky situation that doesn’t make sense and is lingering on for so long! Draw this symbol to regain HOPE that one day in the future you will understand why it has all had to be. Use this symbol when you need to TRUST IN YOUR PATH. Use this symbol when you feel like the VICTIM and you want to feel sorry for yourself for just HOW HARD IT HAS BEEN. When you are feeling really low, go to this symbol. It will fill you with the STRENGTH TO CONTINUE ON.



I'm headed for the top of this mountain and nothing will stop me.
This situation is grooming me to be a teacher or guide.
I know this is happening to better my future.
I know I will look back at this time and not regret one moment of it.
I will be patient with each step required to manifest my dreams.

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