APRIL 16 | Saturday | Full Moon in Libra

Hello moon! We love when you go full in Libra and get us to consider all these sides we weren’t thinking about as we start to move our lives into this new lane that requires we THINK in different ways.

At this time, something happens to show you that wobbling is wasting your life. Its about waking us up to seeing that YES, we can think about all the fears and all the things that can go wrong, BUT DO WE REALLY NEED TO BE THIS WAY? Do we really need to cover all the bases and think out all the potential pitfalls? OR – do we need to start asserting from our hearts in a new way where we trust what our body says and aren’t so quick to race into all the ways things can go wrong.

When you leap off a cliff, you got to trust and see for greater things occurring. Don’t stay on the cliff forever and in some situation that makes you feel less than BECAUSE your mind has already canvased out all the potentials and now you are frozen in the wobble. Too much is never a good thing and in these energies we are learning to release our addiction to allowing our minds to be the ones who decide. Remember that we can be manipulated in the mind so that we don’t even listen to our hearts as we stay in rigid and stoic positions that squeeze out the reality of what our bodies are telling us.

This time is getting us to see that there is WAY more beauty for us to interpret in situations unfolding. Think about a car that has all its tires off as new tires are about to be put on. You can look at the car in that position and think something is terribly wrong and you can worry as you see that one specific position of the process. We are learning to see that we need to have this end goal and to not get too hung up on whatever happens in the middle that gets us to this other space or dream or person or business idea.

The middle part is called the healing and its where things come OUT and leave empty spaces that just await the new parts. But sometimes the middle part can be long and dragged out and with illusive images that can confuse us. Think about starting a brick-and-mortar business where there is so much to do before the doors finally open – which means there are so many potentials to allow your mind to question yourself and to worry about if this really WILL be a successful idea. But with first thought, we mostly are high as a kite and KNOWING this will work.

So we have to grow wiser in our bodies as we trust that easy roads are not reality life and the whole point of what shakes us around and brings us to our knees is that we have GOT to start seeing for more beauty and balance and harmony in things. We have to stand stronger in our bodies as we assert towards what feels right and where we don’t let go because storms come in to TEST US. We really need to start walking life as if it all is a test, which then motivates us to look for the POSITIVE reason this is happening. When we get to this position we are hooked up in life! The whole test is, do you see that you are a victim because of the road block, where you want to turn around in defeat? Or, do you see that this is happening for a good reason and now you look around to see what that may be. The shift of perspective is MASSIVE in what this will deliver you in life. And now is when you may feel so wobbly and out of position BECAUSE of how you looked at challenges in all the negative ways and in how this MUST be a detriment to your life.

Its time to stop chasing what is hurting you. You have the control in seeing for more beautiful solutions to how things sometimes sting. Why waste your energy in dark thoughts that HAVE to in some way manifest back into your life. WAKE UP to your energy and do whatever you can to live life in a better way where you close the door to fears and open your mind to unlimited potentials that are just about to surprise you. Allow spring to come into your life and to be the light which sails you into a better future.


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