DAILY READING for Saturday 19 June

Okay sweet beauties. THIS DAY. For many of you something happens that feels like a strong pattern of your past. It is coming again because YOU are to show up as a better version in figuring your way out of this. We aren’t to ghost or push our triggers away. We are to process them in new ways. We still have the struggles in life, but when we vibe higher in how we respond, they don’t stick to us in the same ways, and we move past them after we do what is being asked of us. Like, taking a driving test; after the test you CAN be good to go. When we vibe lower, we tangle with the driver’s education teacher and don’t pass the test, needing to then be tossed about in confusing spaces of the wait for a few days. We NEVER are to keep going lower and trying that path out again. You cross these bridges with these certain people and things – STOP going about it like a mean person. Start acting with love even if it is the hugest stretch to not talk spite on something.


19 June 2021


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