DAILY READING for Sunday 20 June

Good morning! OKAY. Today we have Jupiter going retrograde and this is such a good thing! You now will really start thinking about what you need to do to start over and start living a life that feels like it can grow and expand as you level up and show yourself as a better person. WHERE we are a fraud and fronting things, this period will teach you a new level of acceptance so that you love the ways you are and stop trying to fill your lumps and bumps with toxic fillers and toxic drugs. Toxins keep us from finding the love. Toxins keep us from thinking clearly and making decisions that value the truth of our beauty that is not media led. It's time to awaken in new ways where we honor the depth of what makes us unique. There is NOT one way to be. And the way you are authentically is what makes you perfect.


20 June 2021


Sun moves into Cancer. Jupiter goes retrograde.

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