Monday 30 October

Well hello M O N D A Y! 

Okay babies! Today and MOSTLY tomorrow brings some sort of news that deals with what first was planted into your consciousness with the Lunar Eclipse on Saturday. And actually, you may even feel that you have been waiting for an answer for about 6 weeks now. 

This Eclipse Season magic is all about CATALYSTIC energy. It's where things break apart, but a new solution comes BECAUSE of the friction forcing us to look around for something better. So, pain proceeds the bliss in this energy. And therefore, most of you feel on the floor and unable to move through the challenges because they overwhelm -- IN ORDER to set you straight. Just like when the car breaks down or needs repairs, it makes funny sounds and doesn’t have the regular power to get us to our goals – BUT if we make the changes, things go back to a more comfortable journey.

So think about that with the pain of the mystery in your life right now. WE OFTEN do not know where to go UNTIL some final point comes in to truly guide the way. Just like showing up to a club and standing in line, you may feel restless before you finally get inside to all the action, but until the doorman lets you in, you HAVE to wait. It’s funny that I gave that example because I haven’t even been in a club in 30 years, but I did start early at 16 with no curfew and a fake ID that looked just like me that I FOUND in a bathroom stall in the mall! 

So get comfy waiting with hope that ALL will work out somehow, but don’t go down because you HAVE to wait. We are learning to change our interpretations of things and also to see that feeling behind doesn’t mean we are. We all are moving around the race track and many have positioned themselves on the inner lane, thus it seems like they are flying through the processes. This is just an example of us NOT needing to compare so much and always think we are lost and confused because others seem to be doing things with ease. Our karma is the greatest mystery and what comes to us COMES because we need to go through what it brings. Not everyone will get sick or lose a child or lose a limb or struggle with addictions or lose everything they own. But if you do, you somehow need to get yourself through whatever life brings.

You also will finally start to get some energy today, or tomorrow, where you will see through some fog that needed you stuck in the problem so as to discover an upgraded sort of solution. I’ve had some answers come up that I could NOT figure out, like my newsletter list when I migrated it over, would only let me send an email to those who purchased in the past year. So I have been only dealing with 1/11th of my newsletter list for YEARS! My Birth Chart Books have been hidden from you all and not marketed because I had this problem for 7 years that I couldn’t figure out how to get around. Well, through a massive collapse of another thing, I finally dived into the problem and ended up figuring it out in like 10 minutes!!!!!! SO the Birth Chart Books are about to be back in PDF and extra printed book options. And like, I have SUFFERED ever since I was not able to offer what people MOST want from me. But … the journey was there for me to walk it – not to shame it because it wasn’t what I planned. We are REALLY learning to trust that when your flow is off, it is off for good reason and it needs to align with something that will occur in the future.

We HAVE GOT TO STOP interpreting everything slow as a bad thing. Microwaves kill every bit of nutrition, and they actually damage the food that you then take in to nourish you. Thus, it is going to create disease. Microwaves are highly dangerous and should never be used. But they were the first thing that ushered in this desire for SPEED with EVERYTHING NOW. They were step one of this cocaine version of life planted into our patterns as normal. And just like all the rest of the NOW, NOW, NOW, they cut out the value that could be received if you just waited and trusted the slower-moving processes.


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