The best way to explain what happens when you roll crystals is to think about smoking marijuana and getting high from the burning of the buds. When you move crystals around, where they hit against each other, they become more active in bringing you the medicine of their unique codes. You are to think of rolling crystals like medicine that energetically brings you potions to what ails.

Rolling Crystals PREHNITE

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Roll these stones when you need to let go of resentment or frustration towards others and their impacts on you. These stones are all about filling you up with unconditional love so that you look out at those who have let you down and see that they TOO were wounded and just doing what they know best.

As you roll Prehnite you feel more compassionate and not so brittle in counting down all the ways that others are flawed and in need of repair. These stones take you to higher views so that you aren’t so focused on what is wrong.

They do really love to work on your opinions of others, but they also work to help you forgive yourself for where you feel you have fallen short in life. Roll these stones and feel how they show you it IS going to be okay and NOTHING is too far gone and not able to be corrected into better form.

+ forgiveness
+ letting things go
+ unconditional love

1.5 ounce Prehnite (around 6 to 8 stones)
Hand wrapped box to keep them safe



SUGGESTIONS: Rolling Smokey Quartz + Prehnite levels you up in seeing from a perspective that is beyond the lesson to walk and more aligned with the lesson learned. It removes your judgmental mind and opens you to understanding all sides. This is a combo we need to roll on the daily and at many different times of the day. They are so clarifying, and in this reminiscent way where we feel like we just got the answer from some elder or someone who knows how to set us straight.

Rolling these crystals allows our future versions to reach through and connect with us so that we can be our higher selves as we walk through challenging situations that otherwise could keep us in the ego or in the victim of the lesson.

Roll Crystal Medicine and level up with grace. Roll Smokey Quartz + Prehnite and HEAR the wisdom of the decisions you will make. Expect to be surprised because often the clarity is so on point but not at all what you were thinking before you got to rolling.

The person you will be in 10 years from now speaks to you when you roll the Smokey and the Prehnite.

Take the whole box of crystals and roll them from hand to hand. Know that the stones hitting each other are a part of the magic that they need in order to deliver their vibrations to you.

Roll them as you do your daily meditations or while watching movies at night! Drive with one hand and roll crystals with the other! Just know the crystals want to touch you and they want to be moving around as they release the magic they are here to bring!


We love on the crystals before they love on you!

All our crystals are sourced from Earth conscious miners and we cleanse them in a stream on Taos Mountain before offering them to you! The crystals actually come alive and squeal when we dip them in the pure waters from the Land of Enchantment. We put in the extra mile, and you will notice the difference!

This is why we consider our crystals to be activated and ready to really support and empower you when they arrive into your hands! We wake the crystals up to get them working next level for you!



All of our crystals have already been cleansed and charged for you! They are ready to roll right out of the box!

Do more research to make sure there is not a specific way to cleanse the actual crystal you are working with, such as with selenite, it is not recommended to use water.

Water: If you are fortunate to live near a mountain, clean them in a stream on your next hike! They only need a quick dip in the water, and you are done. DO NOT use city or tap water because it’s been bleached. Do not use soap. Do not use water for porous crystals like selenite. Kunzite is also not recommended to cleanse in water -- but I always clean it in the Taos Mountain spring water! I think the issue on water is usually because people soak them, like in the tub.

Earth: If you only have tap water, bury in the dirt and come back to them 8 hours later.

Air + Fire: Use Sage or Palo Santo and cleanse the crystals with smoke -- but do use your intentions to also declare that they ARE being cleaned of heavy energies. Work with the air and fire of the burning leaves or wood to affirm the magic they are doing.