Star Rise Guide #176

$6.00 USD

Be empowered as you can be with readings 2 weeks in advance! These guides began back in June 2016 as the Moon Vibe Guide to support us through the changing times. The guides now go NEXT LEVEL to align you to 5D in the daily readings. So they are even more about helping you SEE so that you CAN walk the HIGHway of life. No more being merged in misery and limitation. These readings will set you free because you will KNOW how to handle what is on the way! 

Enjoy POWERFUL daily readings that WILL tell you what is on the way and how to handle it with grace. I am able to go into any day past or future and FEEL what we will expect. These readings describe what YOU will feel 2 weeks in the future! 


The Star Rise Guide includes:

  • Print friendly PDF
  • Daily readings from 14 to 28 September
  • Moon Mapping wheel with planet influences for September